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Get the 5 secrets to jump start your success in this concise 17 minute training video based on the popular e-course and live-seminar "In The Key Of Success: The 5 Week Jump Start Strategy"

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  • A VERY clear statement about what your purpose is.
  • New opportunities for yourself with WHAT YOU HAVE NOW!
  • Tools to communicate what you have to offer... and turn it into MONEY!
  • A timeline and accountability structure to keep the success train moving!
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Why is this video so much cheaper than your E-course? This video is less expensive because it it less intensive. See how I made that rhyme? You don't get the great step-by-step exercises that you get in the ecourse, but you DO get all of the secrets, the concepts, and the processes. If you're ExTREMELY motivated, you can take everything from this video and get similar results from the course- you just have to do that work. The e-course provides you hands-on exercises that walk you through all of the steps so you don't have to do it alone. So for those highly motivated folks, or people just interested in learning quickly what the overall concept of the Jump Start Strategy is, this is your 25-minute, $25 ticket!

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What if I'm not a musician? and 1=1 That's okay. The 5 secrets to jump start your career can apply to anyone who is looking to make it on their own (aka, without a 9 to 5 to help out). So dive in, figure out what your assets are, and start turning them into moola! If you want to talk specifically about your industry and finding your role in it, please don't hesitate to schedule a coaching call!

What do people say about this video?

opzioni binarie svizzere azioni italia That it opens their eyes to what they have, to the idea that they can actually make money doing what they love. That this video rocks socks.

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What if I have a question after I watch the video? You can contact me through the contact button and I will answer your question!

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Should I get this video or your E-course?

الخيارات الثنائية الموالية إشارات احتيال It depends on how you work- do you like step-by-step processes? Exercises? Digging in deep? Then the E-course. Do you like to explore concepts and then do the work to apply them to your life by yourself? Then the video is for you! Many customers have bought both and use them as a supplement to the other. Remember- once you purchase, you get lifetime access!

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