IT's TIME! Find YOUR raving fans, BOOK STELLAR GIGS, & SELL out YOUR CDs
All you have to do is write an irresistibly PERFECT email. Sound impossible? It's not!
THE PERFECT PITCH course gives you a simple 8-step email formula for getting a YES every time
PLUS pre-written proven email templates!
  • Steal a behind the scenes look at my most effective emails, why they work, and what you can do to repeat my results like getting a $15k TV placement, booking festival gigs without an agent, and fan-funding my last 2 CD's (over $20k each).
  • Master the art of writing emails that will fill your inbox with YES's from venue bookers, music supervisors and the leader of your next international fan club!
  • Finally understand what it takes to make the most of "followup" so they're not annoyed, they're overjoyed!
  • Build lasting relationships with loyal fans who will gobble up any music you sell and tickets to your shows.
  • Spoiler Alert BONUS: You can use this for ANY area of your life (not just your music career)!

Free email templates DIRECTLY from my inbox that continue to get me a 100% response rate -- you read that right - ONE HUNDRED PERCENT response rate!

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I'm Cheryl B. Engelhardt, and I'm so glad you're taking the time to explore what it could be like if you started to get the results you really wanted. It took me YEARS as an indie, DIY singer-songwriter trying ALL OF THE THINGS to book successful tours, fan fund records, and get my music placed on TV shows. Ultimately, it worked, and I started to see why things did not work.

I created this course because so many other musicians started asking me what I was doing to sustain a full-time music career. I took a close look at what was making the biggest difference for me, and writing REALLY effective pitch emails was definitely in the top 5.

So here's to your success! Go out and be that powerful pitcher you know you can be.
~ Cheryl
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