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Stop spinning your wheels.
In this 1-hour training, you'll learn aaaaallll about the 5 easy processes I use to keep my music career buzzing.
Real talk? These are the EXACT same systems I used to retire my part-time jobs, lock in some financial stability, and finally spend my days in the career I have designed.
Note: No sacrificed weekends or Netflix binges required. These tips will have you working WAY more effectively and efficiently, getting you even bigger results.
Free Webinar (and website feedback session)
Tuesday December 12th at 3:00pm EST
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During This Training You'll Learn
the Down 'n' dirty details of:
  • The #1 myth that keep 99% of musicians stuck in a soul-sucking cycle of trial & error
  • How ONE single change in how I pitched my music totally transformed my income
  • How get a handle on your money (where to get it, how to manage it, and making sure you're paid)
  • How I keep up with my brand and outreach so that I'm continue to love my music career—and still have (plenty of) time to go rock climbing with my husband, kayaking with my basset hound, or hop on a plane whenever the heck I feel like it
  • BONUS: I'm going to stay on past the hour mark and review a whole bunch of websites, LIVE. Could be yours (you'll just have to put your link in the comments section!). FUN!
Enter your name & email to register!
Your information is never shared, rented, or sold... We hate spam.
Hi, I'm your host, Cheryl, and I'm also a musician like you. I'm really excited to share this info, as it's taken me years to compile what has worked for me to get dozens of TV placements, tour in the coolest places I've ever been, and make a full time living as a musician. I've created this training and other like it because I was constantly answering the same questions from musicians: how did you get into licensing? How did you book your own international and profitable tours? How do you engage with your fans in between records? There are no other current, working musicians who also have a background in branding and advertising AND training in career coaching who are offering this kind of information. Why am I doing it? Because I wish someone did this for me when I was in one of my many "stuck" phases of crafting my music career. And because that's what we musicians do for each other: I got your back.
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